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How to edit a service
How to edit a service

Learn how to change the details of a service in Diarize Me

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Editing a service allows you to update any of its information. This gets automatically updated in your online bookings, your new appointments, and your app.

To update a service, go to the service section by clicking on 'My Business' and then on 'Services'.

Your services are grouped into the categories you added them in. When you click on a category, the services inside that category are displayed.

Click on the service you would like to edit and once you have changed the information, click on 'Save':

If you have made a change to the price of the service, you will be asked if you would like for future bookings to be updated to the new price. If you select 'Yes, update them', Diarize Me will automatically update the prices for the bookings that have this service from the current date and time onwards.

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