Because Diarize Me sends your customers reminders automatically, we get details such as the appointment date and time automatically from the calendar. 

In the Appointment Reminders text, we add a filler word called [AppointmentDate]. This gets the appointment date automatically and inserts it into the customer message.

For example:

"This is a friendly reminder about your appointment with [BusinessName] on [AppointmentDate]."

Becomes the following:

"This is a friendly reminder about your appointment with Diarize Me on Thu, Oct 18 at 12:30."

You can use your own filler words to make the message more personal. We support the following words:

  • [BusinessName] : Your business name.

  • [AppointmentDate] : The date and time of the appointment. E.g. Thu, Oct 18 at 12:30.

  • [StaffName] : The name of the staff member.

  • [FirstName] : The customer first name.

  • [LastName] : The customer last name.

  • [ServiceName] : The service that the customer has booked. E.g. 1 Hour Consultation.

  • [CancellationLink] : This includes a short link that allows the customer to cancel their appointment provided they try earlier than 24 hours before.

**Important** The filler words need to include the square brackets around them and cannot have any spaces inside them for Diarize Me to identify them accurately.

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