Retail is a great way to generate high-margin sales and create loyal customers. Diarize Me allows you to sell retail products directly from your online bookings page and have customers pay for it using their credit card. Online retail sales can be done 24/7 and you get notified of every order.

Before activating this, you will need to have an account with one of your Online Payment partners. These can be found by clicking on 'My Business' and then on 'Integrations'. Diarize Me has negotiated a low rate of 3.25% + R2.00 (Ex VAT) for credit card transactions with PayFast. It is free to signup and start accepting payments. If you have an account with Yoco, you can also make use of their online payments option.

Once activated, go to your Online Bookings section:

From your Online Bookings section, scroll down to where it allows you to enable, or disable 'Allow Online Retail Sales'. You are also able to choose which staff member the sale gets allocated to by default, and the colour for the Retail button that appears on your bookings page. The 'Configure Options' lets you make further changes to the online retail options. Once you have enabled it, click on 'Save':

On your online bookings page, customers will now be able to view your online retail products, add them to a shopping cart and pay for them. When an order is made, your customer gets sent an email listing what they have purchased and you will receive an email containing the customer information as well as the products they have purchased.

Note:It is important to load images for your retail products so that customers can see what they are purchasing. In addition to this, ensure that the retail items you want to sell online have the 'Show Online' tick-box selected in your retail section.

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