The JotForm integration is enabled from the 'Integrations' section of the Diarize Me console and requires an API Key that is issued from within your JotForm account.

From the Diarize Me Console, click on 'My Business' and then on 'Integrations':

Scroll down to the JotForm integration and click on 'Enable':

You will need a JotForm API Key. This is a unique key that identifies your JotForm account. Diarize Me uses this key to securely retrieve your forms and form responses. The JotForm API key is generated from your account and this link shows you how to generate one:

Once you have your JotForm API Key, paste it in the field that is asking for it on Diarize Me:

This will activate the JotForm integration and fetch the forms that you have created inside JotForm. You can view these forms by clicking on the 'Forms' menu option under 'My Business':

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