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Making your first appointment
Making your first appointment

Learn how to make, move, and cancel appointments

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Making your first appointment is a simple, yet exciting experience. There is something about seeing a full appointment book that gives you a sense of accomplishment. :)

From the Diarize Me dashboard, click on 'Calendar':

This will load the appointment calendar. If you haven't loaded any staff yet, you will only see your column.

Navigate to the date you wish to make a booking for and click on a block to bring up the new appointment dialog:

Enter the following information:

Client details: Enter the name of your client with their email address and mobile number. The email address and mobile number are optional fields but required if you want to send this client reminders.
Service: Choose a service that the client is coming for.
Time: Ensure that the time is correct. Diarize Me takes the duration from the service settings, but this can be overridden.

Optional Fields:

Request Appointment: This is selected if the client asks to see a specific staff member. A heart icon will be added to the appointment so the receptionist knows not to move it.
Repeat: Choose whether Diarize Me must automatically book this client for the same appointment on a recurring frequency
Notes: These are notes specific to the appointment. These are different from client notes in that these notes only appear for this specific appointment.

Click on 'Book'

Your appointment will be booked and the client will be sent a notification of their booking. These notifications can be configured under 'Client Notifications'.

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