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How to create an expense account
How to create an expense account

Learn how to create an expense account in Diarize Me.

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An expense account is a business account that allows you to log expenses against. Before you can start logging and tracking expenses, you need to create an expense account.

To create an account, you can either click on 'Expenses' from the quick navigation menu, or you can click on 'My Business' then on 'Expenses':

From this screen, you will not be able to do anything until you have created an account. Click on the '+ Add Account' button:

When adding an account, you can give the account a name, specify the account type, and allocate an opening balance. Once you have types this in, click on 'Create Account':

You will see the account reflect under the list of business accounts. You can now start recording expenses against this account.

Note: If you create a Cash Account, the balance will be included in your cash totals of your cash up report. For example, if you receive R5000 in cash payments from clients for the day, and have a petty cash account with a balance of R450, your cash total in your cash up report will be R5450. In these cases, you will see the breakdown.

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