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How to capture a business expense
How to capture a business expense

How to capture a business expense

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A business expense can be anything from tea, or stationary for the business to a large advertising campaign. You are able to record these expenses in Diarize Me so that they appear in your reporting and you can keep track of how your business is performing.

Important: To capture an expense, you need to make sure you have added an expense account. You cannot capture an expense until you have created an expense account.

To create an expense, you can either click on 'Expenses' from the quick navigation menu, or you can click on 'My Business' then on 'Expenses':

Click on either of the '+ Add Expense' buttons:

Type in the expense name, expense category, the vendor (who sold you the item), the amount, and the account that the money came from. You can add a note for this expense, but this is optional. You can also add your own vendors by clicking on the '+' icon next to the list of vendors:

The expense will be added and listed in the 'Expenses' table. Your expense account will also be debited to the value of the expense.

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