Client tags allow you to group your clients the way you want. For example, if you have a large amount of students, or pensioners that visit your business, it might make sense to give them a tag of 'Pensioner' or 'Student' so that you can report on them, or send them specific marketing campaigns.

To set a client tag, click on 'Clients' and then on 'View Clients':

Search for the client you want to add a tag for and click on their name to open their profile:

In the 'Tags' field, type in the tags you would like to give to this client. Each time you input a comma, or press the 'enter' key, a tag will be added. You can have as many client tags as you like.

These tags will appear in your client report as well as when creating marketing campaigns. This allows you to send bulk SMS messages to a very specific group of clients.

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