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How to merge clients
How to merge clients

Learn how to merge duplicate clients together.

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From time to time, you may create a client with the same detail. This creates multiple clients with similar, or the same information, but is seen as two separate clients by Diarize Me.ย 

In these events, you can merge their details so that the appointments, accounts, payments, and retail sales are all put under the correct client.

To merge clients, click on 'Clients' and then on 'View Clients':

Search for the client that needs to be merged:

Find the client that you want to keep and on the right hand side of the screen, click on the button with 3 dots and click on 'Merge':

Select which clients you want to merge to the client you have selected and click on 'Merge Clients':

*Note*The clients that appear here are based on the first name of the client you selected. If you want to merge clients with completely different details, you will need to change the first name of the duplicate client, or contact Diarize Me.
The appointment history, accounts, retail purchases from the client on the left will be moved to the client on the right. In addition to this, the client on the left get's deleted so that you no longer have a duplicate.

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